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Free and Instant Access to the Initial 3 Chapters of Indians in Pakistan Novel

Wow, this is cool! Here's free and instant access to the Initial 3 Chapters of Indians in Pakistan - This format is very easy on the eyes - Just click the Read First Chapter Free button below the book's image at

Quotes from the book

  • “All this simply shows us that communalism and terrorism are nothing but opposite sides of the same coin. They keep feeding on each other in a vicious cycle, resulting in a society full of violence, hatred, sorrow and intolerance. Every communal act is used as a justification for mindless acts of terrorism . Similarly , each act of terrorism is used as a justification for such horrible atrocities like genocide and ethnic cleansing. And, it is always the innocent who get killed. This is the sad truth.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “‘Now relax and enjoy as much as you can. After we reach the camp, there will be no time for relaxation and enjoyment.’”
    Lieutenant Ashraf

  • “‘We love Kashmiris and we want to give them their rights. We train them, arm them, fund them and help them sneak into India. Everyone in Pakistan including the government, the military, the border rangers, the intelligence services and the ordinary citizens are helping the Kashmiri militant groups. Inshallah, they will defeat the Indian army and the Kashmir problem will be solved.’”
    Razzak, the Trainer

  • “‘All of you are taking the Kashmiris for a ride. Besides, most of the terrorist outfits fighting in Kashmir like the Lashkar and the Jaish-e-Mohammed have hardly any Kashmiri recruits. Most of their recruits are from Punjab or the FATA region.’”
    Irfan, the reluctant jihadi

  • “‘Please don’t be upset. The last thing in the world I want is to see you upset and that too with me. It’s terrifying to see your beautiful eyes turn red with anger.’”
    Zameer (to Najma)

  • “That day shall remain etched in my memory for as long as I live. How can I ever forget the gruesome execution of the Kashmiri rebel by his own friend? How can I ever forget the informative lecture delivered by Razzak on the emergence and proliferation of Islamic extremism all over the world? How can I ever forget those wonderful words of approval from the mouth of Najma’s own cousin? How can I ever forget the warm hug and that affectionate kiss which together intensified the flame of love burning in the hearts of two jihadis from different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds?”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “‘We’ll be showing all the Indians a video tomorrow, Commander Sharif. Our footage on the Gujarat riots has got corrupted. We’ll be showing them footage of the recent Karachi riots instead and pretend that it’s Gujarat. Believe me the footage is equally gruesome and they won’t be able to tell the difference.’”
    Razzak, the Trainer

  • “The miraculous power of love has often been underestimated just like we underestimate sleep. Most of the herculean tasks performed by men were possible because they had been deeply in love and had slept well the night before.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “Sometimes, the thrill of an adventure vanishes shortly after the starting point is crossed.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “Let’s face it the experiment called Pakistan is a failure. You cannot make up a nation based on religion alone. See how it’s crumbling. First the east went way and became Bangladesh. Now Baluchistan is threatening to break loose. Kashmir will never be theirs. Sindhis hate Punjabis and Mohajirs. Punjabis hate Pashtuns and Sindhis. The Sunnis, Shias and Ahmediyas in Pakistan simply hate each other. Look how Pakistan has destroyed Afghanistan by creating the Taliban. Do you want to be with them? I think India is a thousand times better!”
    Salim, an Indian Jihadi

  • “It is too bad that most Olympians do not train as hard as the Lashkar jihadis whose main aim in life is to kill people.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “There was no fear in his eyes, no sweat on his face and no tremor in his body while he spoke. Of course, he did not speak the truth, but the truth, in this case, would definitely not have set us free.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “‘The ISI became a dominant power broker in Pakistan and the international arena thanks to the aid the US government, China and the Saudis gave them over the years. American aid has also helped our fledgling nuclear program. The government and ISI keep blaming the US for everything but most of them owe their existence and success to the generous American aid.’”
    Najma, the Pakistan Jihadi

  • “Was it possible that the emotion of love had somehow made me more susceptible to fear? Does the noble emotion of love make us start valuing our own lives and the lives of our loved ones more so that the feeling of fear creeps into our mindset?”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “I would take my beloved Najma to my country so that she would taste secularism and true freedom. How wrong I was! How wrong we all were! Unfortunately, you truly miss what you have had all along and taken for granted (in this case the spirit of secularism and true freedom) only once you actually lose it.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “Now smiling had been something almost alien to me just a few weeks ago. But over this short period of time, I had rediscovered this art thanks to that noble emotion of love. Joy that had been bottled up inside since childhood now overcame me from deep within just like the healing water reaching folks at hot springs from regions deep below the surface.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “Thanks for the proposal. But there is someone else whom I love dearly. I cannot say ‘yes’ to you because of him. In fact, I cannot say ‘yes’ to you because I do not love you at all. Yes, and this is not the ‘Yes’ you want; yes - I admire your skill set and your work and respect you as a person, but I do not love you.”
    Najma, the Pakistani Jihadi

  • “And so we continued to live in fear, hoping that we would not get caught. Fear had become our constant companion at this dreadful Lashkar-e-Taiba camp.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “Let’s face it. There are good people and bad people everywhere. Illiteracy, poor education, wars, greed , corruption and similar factors were responsible for the problems in both India and Pakistan. Religious fanatics benefited from these factors and developed formidable socio-political strongholds in both countries.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

  • “I never thought that I would be saying these words. I would rather have died than utter these words a few months ago. But my whole mindset had undergone a drastic change since then. The Amir’s speech was the straw that broke the back of my jihadi resolve. In fact, I now secretly resolved that my personal jihad would be against the evil Pakistan-sponsored jihadi movement that focused on slaughtering innocent civilians.”
    Narrator (Zameer)

The Dawood Ibrahim-Eknath Khadse link is an open and shut case - Here's Why:

It's a shame that our taxes are used to subsidise mobile bills of ministers who misuse this perk to chat with people like Dawood Ibrahim, wanted for the Mumbai serial blasts! And no action is taken against him as yet! Astounding.

The Dawood Ibrahim-Eknath Khadse link is an open and shut case:
(1) It is well established that the SIM card belonged to Eknath Khadse, the BJP Minister in Maharashtra - he himself has admited this fact.
(2) It is well established that the phone call to this mobile (SIM) was made from Dawood Ibrahim's cell phone which he uses in Karachi.
(3) It is well established that Dawood Ibrahim is an absconder from the Indian judicial system and was the mastermind of the Mumbai terror attacks in 1993 in which hundreds lost their lives.
(4) It is well established that the phone number was active and in use even up to April 2016.
(5) It is well established that Khadse is lying about his SIM being inactive for a year, since bills were regularly paid even up to April 2016 - and the minister would have to be in the know. (Why would anybody pay for his bills? Are we stupid like the NIA or CBI?)
(6) It is well established that Dawood would not call up any 'Tom, Dick and Harry', and connecting with a senior minister in his home state of Maharashtra is absolutely logical.
(7) It is well established that Dawood would call up Khadse only if there was a nefarious motive behind the communication - and since Khadse has not claimed that there was a threat call, then it would imply that he is a party to this nefarious plan - whatever it may be.
(8) It is well established that Khadse was not framed as the digging up of these details was purely accidental when a patriotic cyber expert was actually investigating the activities of Dawood Ibrahim.

So, Modi, please show us your 56 inch chest now and take action against your own BJP Minister, Eknath Khadse, who is illicitly in touch with Dawood Ibrahim, India's most wanted terrorist.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why don t you speak out against Indian Politicians? Most of them are far worse than Trump: An Open Letter to Priyanka Chopra

Dear Priyanka,

We are truly proud of your achievements as an actor, singer and model. We are prouder of your outburst against Donald Trump, the controversial US Presidential candidate who could very well 'Make America Hate Again'! You were spot on when you said: "I just think you can't put a ban on anyone; Generalising a type of people is really primitive." Insightful words Indeed!

As a matter of fact, I too have been a staunch critic of Trump and his politics of hate. However, at this point I must dare point out that this phenomenon of bigotry is not confined to the American shores alone. All across the globe, terrorists and fascists have sprung to power and formed governments just by selling Hate to the local populace. We have seen it happen in Egypt, Turkey, Gaza, Russia, Syria, Afghanistan and even in some European countries! Social media and the collaborative conventional media (or bazaaru media) rather than curtailing this menace, have contributed to its proliferation in every nook and corner of our beautiful planet. Yes, hate is selling everywhere. 

But the stark reality is that India is no exception. Yes, you read it right. India is no exception. The winds of bigotry and prejudice blow unhindered and with great intensity across our great land too. Horrific deeds are perpetrated in the name of religion, caste, ethnicity and regional affiliation. And many of these atrocities have been orchestrated by leading Indian politicians for cheap political gains.

And this is where I question your partiality. Why do you choose to remain silent when our politicians spew venom and incite violence against our own countrymen? Wasn't your silence deafening when a man was butchered at Dadri by a mob that was driven by false rumours spread by local politicians of a national party. Why are you silent on riots engineered by politicians which have killed thousands of our citizens in the past few decades, especially the 1984 and 2002 riots. Aren't these murders, rapes and other physical attacks far worse than whatever Mr. Trump proposes?

But if you are looking out for someone who spreads vitriolic communal and ethnic hatred a la Trump, then look no further than our own Rajya Sabha. Just a few days ago, Modi has appointed the Xenophobic Subramaniam Swamy as the BJP representative in the upper house of the Indian parliament despite being fully aware of his ugly diatribes against the minorities of our nation. Mr Swamy wants Christians and Muslims to be driven out of our nation unless they acknowledge their Hindu ancestry.  

Now even the government buttering Bollywood stars, who often click selfies with our Prime Minister, must agree that what Modi has done is terribly wrong. Swamy is far worse than Trump. While the US Presidential Candidate wants to prevent Muslims from coming to America, Swamy wants to kick out Muslims and Christians from India, although most of them are loyal citizens of this country. And your beloved PM could find only this despicable character to lead his party in parliament! 

Will you now speak out against our xenophobic politicians and their vile deeds or will you continue to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend that all of us live in a hunky dory world in which the Trumps are just aberrations? Could you compose and sing verses that bring out the ugliness of Indian politics, or would you just be content to dance to the tunes of a sadistic establishment? The ball is in your court, Priyanka. Do remember the wisest words ever written: "The hottest seats in Hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in a moral crisis." Speaking out against the arrogant US Presidential candidate is a step in the right direction, but do show the same amount of concern when there are fires raging in your own backyard!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bizarre Trailer of Indians in Pakistan, the Exciting Novel on Terrorism

Gutter Level of Politics on Display in the Indian Parliament

I'm really fed up of the gutter level of politics we have seen this parliamentary session. What else can you expect when many of our MPs have been accused of murder, rape and kidnapping! We need to keep both the morons and criminals away from the sanctity of our parliament houses. Let's vote in more honest business leaders, sportsmen, social activists and broadminded people. In my opinion, our parliamentarians should be banned from debating. They should work for just 1 day per session and pass or dump bills without debate. Even the speeches of big politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Smriti Irani and Narendra Modi lacked depth, being basically 'Tu-Tu Mein-Mein' speeches laced with mudslinging and hollowness - but praised by their fans....Rahul and Modi made a feeble attempt at standup comedy, which sounded hilarious to their desperate fan clubs.

One of the gems from Rahul Gandhi was "I will speak. But they will not let me speak because they are scared. They are scared of what I will speak." Yeah, really?

Not to be outdone, Smriti defended accusations of her role in Rohit Vemula's suicide with "A mother who gives birth cannot take lives." Which judge or jury on earth will buy this silly emotional Saas-bahu type argument? It's poor defence indeed for thousands of mothers have killed people including their own spouses and children. Smriti went on to condemn a Dalit festival that celebrates a "demon " but mocks Goddess Durga, without ascertaining that a sitting BJP MP had actually attended that festival!

There is also a fallout on the JNU incident with the left being branded as "anti-national ", while they respond by calling the right "fascists" and "treacherous stooges of the British during the independence struggle". Then the right replies with the charge that many left wing politicians supported China even during the 1962 Indo-China war.

As the blame game and mud slinging goes on endlessly, the citizens of India are the ultimate losers!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Blues

(I present before you once again that lovely poem I wrote for Valentine's Day. I had composed it literally overnight for the Bandra Buzz, our local newspaper.)

Tears streamed down his face again

As Valentine’s Day approached;

For on that day a year ago

David’s heart had been crushed.

His Valentine had ditched him then

And mated with his foe;

It had taken him a really long time

To recover from this blow.

So, David vowed to shun this day

But Fate had other plans,

For he consented to a Blind Date theme:

A dinner and a dance.

And there she was in front of him

A damsel blessed with grace;

‘Twas her smile our hero loved the best

It beautified her face.

They strolled out together arm in arm,

Two strangers so in love;

He whispered sweet nothings to her

Then presented a clay dove.

“Take this bird and remember me,”

 David told his Valentine;

“For I shall be forever yours,

And, my dear, you shall be mine.”

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Vivekean Version of the Parable of the Prodigal Son

(An Extract from Indians in Pakistan, the Action Thriller on terrorism)

‘It was all my fault,’ I said frankly. ‘I was blind then but now I see the truth. You were right and I was wrong.’
‘Mother would have been happy to see you,’ he told me, sadly. ‘Too bad she’s not around.’
‘Wh - where is she?’ I asked, looking around frantically for her.
‘It’s too late,’ he said. ‘She’s no longer in this world.’
‘Mother, mother,’ I continued, not heeding him. ‘Mother where are you?’
‘She’s dead, dear brother. She’s in heaven now.’
‘No, it cannot be. She cannot die! I need to tell her how much I love her. I need to tell her how sorry I am for walking away. I wanted to introduce her to Najma, my wife. I wanted to - ’

Words failed me at that moment and I sank to my knees. There were plenty of kind words from everyone around but there was nothing that could console me – not even the beautiful hands of Najma wrapped around my neck. I was truly inconsolable.

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Romeo and Juliet: An Updated Version for Bandra Buggers

Juliet: (to herself) Which one of my boyfriends could it be knocking at my bedroom window at this unearthly hour? Oh, it’s Romeo!!!

Juliet: (To Romeo) Romeo, you bledy bugger – What are you up to, men? Get down from the tree before you fall and break your b…...”

Romeo: I climbest this tree to express my love for thou – a love that can survive tempests and tsunamis.

Juliet: Romeo, dearest, dost thou havest – a car, a flat, or an ipad?

Romeo: I haveth none of the above.

Juliet: Then how dost thou dare to love? Thou livest in a fool’s paradise. I cannot love thee.

Romeo: I just inherited a cool million from an uncle who passed away. He was quite a rich dude. The cash is in the bank.

Juliet: I truly love thee now, my Romeo.

Romeo: Why dost thou not respond to my SMSes, my darling? Thou knowest how much I love thee especially after thou went under the plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

Juliet: A Daniel, still say I, a second Daniel!

Romeo: I think that’s from the “Merchant of Venice”.

Juliet: Oops! I’m acting in it as well.

Romeo: Anyways, Juliet, I simply adoreth your beautiful blue eye lenses and your brown hair so immaculately dyed.

Juliet: So what shall we do now, my hero? My parents cannot stand the sight of you…I mean thou or whatever.

Romeo: Let’s run away and have a long-term live-in relationship.

Juliet: What about killing ourselves with poison?

Romeo: Okey dokey, my love. Your wish is my command.

Juliet: I was just kidding – I’m not a loser like you. Get lost, creep.

Romeo: OK. I’ll try to patao Bianca from tomorrow onwards. Any idea if she’s still single and ready to mingle.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lesser Known facts about the Islamic State and its terrorist roots

Here are a few points about the Islamic State to be noted:
(1) Islamic State was founded by the followers of Zarqawi after his death in a US bombing in 2006.
(2) Zarqawi,a Jordanian, went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets in the 1980s, founded his own terror outfit 'Jund Al Sham' in Jordan in 1992, visited Pakistan in 1999, set up a training camp funded by Osama Bin laden in Afghanistan that year and finally entered Iraq to fight the US-led forces before his death.
(3) The strength of Islamic State militants is estimated to be about 20000-30000 in Syria but Wikipedia puts it at 1,00,000 with another lac in Iraq.
(4) Foreign militants have infiltrated the Islamic State and have alienated the terrorist outfit from other Syrian rebels and the people of Syria at large.
(5) Iran and the Assad Government in Syria protected Zarqawi from foreign governments just like America protected Osama Bin Laden from the Soviets during the Afghan Civil War. In both these cases, the ungrateful terrorists did not just bite off the hands that fed but reached out to vanquish the hearts of these opportunistic world powers. When will these fools ever learn that your enemy's enemy is not necessarily your friend?