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Monday, July 20, 2015

Bizarre Trailer of Indians in Pakistan, the Exciting Novel on Terrorism

An Ode to a Lizard

O, pretty little lizard
Sitting on my wall,
Sometimes in my bedroom,
Sometimes in  my hall.

We don't require any pesticides
With you loitering about,
'Cause you kill all the cockroaches,
And make the ants move out.

People always admire cats and dogs
And neglect you the entire day,
But this doesn't bother you at all
As you crawl in search of prey.

Indians in Pakistan – An Exciting and Informative Novel

I smiled at the irony that while we, the trainees, were equipped with rocket launchers, AK47s and other sophisticated weaponry, the head of the mission confronted us with a measly pistol. I was still smiling as my fingers pulled the trigger. The short, bald leader collapsed in a heap. Our jeep sped away.

We left the camp that night, leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. Scores of dismembered bloody bodies lay strewn all over the place. Almost every solid structure had been reduced to rubble. Small fires flared at various places. There were a couple of big fires that lit up the night sky. But what I remember most vividly was the ghastly silence just before we left the site.

The above segment is a short extract from my novel ‘Indians in Pakistan’, an action thriller that will leave you spellbound. It will also immerse you into a totally different world in which different forces are at play as jihadis plot a rebellion against their evil masters.

Firstly, love blossoms between a male and female jihadi during the terror training itself. Then there is a sudden outburst of patriotism among the Indian jihadis at the camp. However, the camp management uses harsh tactics to keep all the jihadis in check. Will the Indians revolt? What will be the outcome? Buy the book to get these answers.

‘Indians in Pakistan’ will also take you down memory lane by delving deep into the history of the subcontinent. It takes a frank look (a bit too frank some may say) on certain controversial decisions and actions of people from both sides of the border during and after the partition. It even revisits Pandit Nehru’s famous speech made at the dawn of India’s independence. 

Indians in Pakistan - Now Available for the Kindle and Book Reading Apps (on PC, Tabs, laptops and smartphones)

My Take on the Facebook Like Button

Devastated that my friend did not "like" my Facebook post (while reading it right in front of me) and now realising that he was in the right; I, as someone who analyses the impact of social networking on modern civilisation (i.e. a social networking reformer - if it's a term) hereby recommend the replacement of the (vague) Like button on Facebook with the following three specific, relevant and user-friendly buttons:

1) Like - Because I Know You
2) Like - Because I actually like your post
3) Like - Because I expect you to like my future posts in return

Kindly share this so that the Facebook community is aware of this recommendation. BTW, I haven't thought about the Share button as yet!
(As posted by me on Facebook)

My Suggestions to the Indian Govt, recommending a new anti-terrorism policy

My Suggestions to the Indian Govt, recommending a new anti-terrorism policy:
1) Hang all terrorists currently on death row within the next three months and send a strong message to all terrorists. The Government would need considerable assistance from the President and the courts to achieve this deadline.
2) Frame a new tough anti-terror law after reaching a consensus between political parties, the judiciary and the civil society. Representatives of each of these sections must process the bill in a drafting committee before it goes to the standing committee of parliament at the preliminary stage.
3) The new law must be stringent and based on past or existing legislations that have worked before. It must also consider existing terror laws in US and other countries which have managed to curb terrorism to some extent in the past decade or so. The legislation must be drafted such that it is not maliciously misused by biased authorities against members of particular communities.
4) Death sentences must be liberally dished out to terrorists once it has been established that they have been involved in acts of terror. Existing laws must be amended to recommend the harshest possible punishment for those indulging in terrorist activities.
5) Strict action must also be taken on those who provide a support system for these terrorists. The authorities must act on those who provide shelter, finance and other kinds of assistance to these sadists.
6) India must halt all talks with Pakistan until we are satisfied that not a single entity in the Pakistani government, armed forces and intelligent services are involved in the promotion or support of India-centric terror.
7) India must expose Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism in our country at various international forums, meetings and conventions especially at the United Nations.
8) The Govt must ban all communal political or social outfits which espouse violence against Indians based on their race, creed, caste or beliefs.
9) Police reforms and training is very essential in the fight against terror. Law enforcement agencies should be provided state-of-the-art weapons and gear to fight terrorists.
10) Citizens as individuals or in groups should assist law enforcement agents in the fight against terror in their individual capacity.
11) High rewards must be dished out to people who provide valuable information on terrorists. The reward scheme must be well publicized and commensurate with the kind of information given.
12) The NIA and RAW must be restructured and better organized to tackle the menace of terror. The new structure should be based on the Homeland Security of the US that has done a great job thus far. Terror-related information must be centralized and actionable inputs should be given as soon as possible to the various stakeholders like the state governments, local police, etc.
13) We should work with other governments and their law enforcement agencies in the fight against terror. Extradition treaties must be sought with almost every nation on this planet.
14) Our intelligence agencies must penetrate global terror networks with the aid of informants.
15) CCTVs and other anti-terror infrastructure should be available at strategic locations in major cities and towns. Each city should also have an NSG (commando) hub so that it can get speedy assistance in case of another 26/11 type of attack.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Special Focus on the Horrific Vyapam Scam and the Murderous Right Wing Nexus in Madhya Pradesh

The sinister Vyapam scam has blown the lid off the hollow claims of the RSS and the BJP of being the protectors of Hindus and of being “true nationalists” as against the “treachery of pseudo-secular” politicians and “deshdrohi” minorities. Yes, the Hindutva brigade and their cronies have been massacring HINDUS (most of whom are ex-RSS recruits) in large numbers in Madhya Pradesh to cover up the massive corruption of the local BJP Government and the Sangh Parivar in the Vyapam Scam.

It’s a well known fact that the origins of the Vyapam scam lay in the covert policy of the BJP Government more than a decade ago to hand over degrees and jobs on a platter to the offspring of RSS and BJP leaders. The modus operandi was simple. A student impersonator, an ex-student or a bright peer, would be paid handsomely to write the answers at the designated examination centre for the undeserving student whose parents could bestow special favours or money to the student as well as the state education and government officials. Fake ID cards, spare class rooms, blank answer sheets, and a knowledgeable impersonator all formed the nucleus of this scam.

But the scam grew over the years to humongous proportions and even stretched beyond the right-wing mafia to contaminate the entire political and educational systems, law enforcement agencies and even the state judiciary. The children of politicians, judges and policemen have all benefited with educational qualifications and jobs, dangerously compromising these democratic institutions. Many deserving students have failed exams or not got jobs because of these scamsters, which caused a number of bravehearts aka whistleblowers to reveal the rot in the system at the risk of their precious lives.

No less than the governor, Ram Naresh Yadav, the former education minister, the ex-private secretary of the chief minister of the state, Shivraj Chauhan, and the BJP chief minister himself have been accused of being the ring leaders of the scam. The son of the Governor, a Congress appointee, has been killed and it was learnt that money had actually changed hands within the official residence of this dignitary. Confidential software including Excel sheets expose the misdoings of these top politicians and their cronies.

However, the Vyapam scam has taken a turn for the worse with the murder of more than 50 persons in the past 2-3 years that coincided with the rollout of the state-level probe by the cornered BJP government. These victims were either accused or witnesses, and all have died mysteriously with more than 10 deaths reported as “suicide” contrary to available evidences.meanwhile the state government and judiciary carried on an unfair, dishonest probe that moved at a snail's pace.

A typical example of the rampant killings and cover-ups was the case of Namrata Damor who had been caught for cheating a few days before her mutilated corpse was found on the railway tracks in a remote part of Madhya Pradesh. Three highly experienced doctors who examined her unidentified corpse and performed the first mortem came to the conclusion that it was murder by asphyxiation and strangling. They clearly mentioned it in their report after which her body was cremated. 

However, later on her identity was established and a second report done three months later by Dr Badkur which was based on mere photographic evidence (and not on any physical examination of the body) came to the incredulous conclusion that the first report was wrong and the case was not of homicide but of suicide. Also, with a mere glance of the photograph, the doctor goes on to state even more ridiculously that the victim was mentally disturbed because of failure in love and annoyance of her parents. By the way, it was a post mortem report.

Interestingly, the same Dr. Badkur (alternatively spelled as Badkul) also performed the post mortem in the death of high-profile RTI activist and former BJP insider, Shehla Masood, who was shot dead by assailants on a bike. Even her post mortem was changed from murder to suicide due to the criminal intervention of the same Dr. Badkur who has become a master of post mortem fudging. There is a need for a fresh probe on the murder of Shehla Masood who “had just received information that could shake the government in Madhya Pradesh to its core." Check out more details of her death and coverup at and

Despite my exposure of the complicity of Dr. Badkur in both these deaths, the mainstream national media has maintained a stoic silence on this issue. Hopefully, better sense prevails with the growing international media attention these cases have attracted.

And the right-wing murders don’t stop here. Yesterday the ninth key witness in the Asaram rape case was attacked and became the third victim to succumb to his wounds. A gullible electorate is willing to forgive and forget the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the riot massacres across India, the bomb blasts in Malegaon and  the Samjhauta Express and the bloody killings of RTI activists as well as key witnesses in the Vyapam scam and Asaram case. As long as we continue to vote for murderers, rapists and communal bigots, so omnipresent in the current political dispensation, then we must bid adieu to the false promises of Acche Din and good governance!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

THE HEAVENSGATE SCANDAL: A Short Story by Vivek Pereira

(A Political Satire as it first appeared on and in 'Rose Gardens and Minefields', a literary bhel puri published in 2010)

It was a hot flinter aftermoon on the Planet Zrrxy. The God shield had been switched on while the Tellicans discussed a top-secret mission. This shield was used by the inhabitants to ward off the presence of the almighty from the vicinity of their planet. Nothing, no sound, light or matter could penetrate this shield. It was the ultimate invention.

The Tellicans were a creative race whose influence had spread throughout the universe. There are many wild rumors about this ambitious race. Some say that they are the aliens who hover over earth in flying saucers with the intention of monitoring the progress of humanity on the planet. Some even say that the Supreme Being was created by this technologically advanced race. These Tellicans were alleged to possess the most dangerous of all inventions viz. The Universe Reverser. This device could reverse the effect of the Big Bang such that the whole Universe would collapse into a tiny, primeval atom, and ultimately into nothingness. The dark angels of Satan were desperately plotting to steal the Universe Reverser from them.

The Tellicans had borrowed the concept of the Internet in the development of the Universenet which linked almost all intelligent life forms that existed throughout the world. Tellica, their cyberwebsite, was the most popular site which specialised in webcasting universal news.

At length, the Tellicans had finished their intense discussion. The God shield was off. Nobody, not even the almighty, was aware of what had transpired during the meeting (except for the Tellicans, of course).

The Gates of Heaven are enormous structures that prevent the extremely sinful from entering that cherished place. These gates were made up of Kryptonite which is widely considered to be the strongest element in the Universe. When the devils bombarded these solid gates, the ammunition had bounced off harmlessly into the dark void. The living dead formed a never-ending queue down the long, spiral staircase which originated at The Limbo. The supervisas were issued by the ministry only to those who had passed the test of life. A special supercomputer processed the track record of each individual case with the help of a complicated software program, 'The Morality Examiner'. A report was instantly generated that decided the outcome of each case. The supervisas were issued only if the results of the reports were positive.

"I'm sorry, but we cannot give you the visa," St. Jitley told a living dead, "You will have to go to Hell !"

The report had clearly indicated that the applicant had failed the test miserably. The applicant refused to budge an inch. He gave a sheepish smile and winked.

"What do you want?" asked St. Jitley. "You will have to go away."
 "Yeah, yeah," said the applicant, absolutely out of context.
 "Then why don't you?" 
"Okay, what?"
 "Yeah, Yeah" 
"You must be crazy."
 "yeah, yeah."

St. Jitley grew impatient. The queue was extremely large as usual, and she had no time for this foolish soul. She would have to ask the Divine Security to throw him out of the reception area. But, before she could press the buzzer, the living dead opened up his suitcase The contents were breathtaking. There was a piece of a Giant Buddha statue that was destroyed by the evil Taliban regime, a glittering sidereal clock that measured the progress of time, a halo intensifier that made the glow brighter, a Martian chocolate bar, a miniature statue of an honest politician (the most endangered species on planet earth) and a large bundle of Divine Dollars.

"Take your pick," said the soul, with an air of nonchalance.
 "But, this is nothing but bribery."
"(Winks) Yeah, Yeah."
 "I think I'll settle for the Halo Intensifier."
"The glow of our halos are fading. These sort of deals are the cause, I think."

The living dead laughed loudly. "Were there many such deals ?" he asked. 
"Yeah, yeah," mimicked St. Jitley, grinning from ear to ear. 
"Can you give me some instances?"
 "We have allowed Adolf Hitler to enter Heaven in exchange for some precious Nazi gold ." 
"Yeah, yeah." 
"We have illegally issued a lot of supervisas for sinners who did not really deserve the magnificence of heaven. They greased our palms, and we gave them what they wanted."
 "Okay. I see."
 "Now, you can give the Halo Intensifier to the angel on my right."
 "Okay," said the soul, handing the device to the angel on the left-hand side of St. Jitley. 
"Now, you can meet the next angel in the hierarchy, St. Namxal. I'll make sure that he helps you."
 "Yeah, yeah."

The living dead moved (dead men don't walk, silly) closer to those massive gates. He could clearly make out the writing on a board at the side. It was one of the unrecorded beatitudes which read : "Blessed are those who are dead - for they do not have to live."

St. Namxal was an elderly angel. He was short and dark. The fluorescent spectacles that he wore gave him an air of respectability. 

"I have your fudged report here right in front of me," he said. 
"That's right," said the soul, a being of few words. 
"There must be some good reason why it has been fudged. I heard that you are making a contribution to our special fund."
 "Yeah, yeah. Sir, what do you want ?" 
"Give me dollars." 
"How much ?" 
"Whatever you've got." 
"Sir, here is my contribution to your Judgement Day Fund."

St. Namxal smiled. He took the money and put it casually into a secret drawer in his desk.

 "Now give me my supervisa," said the grateful living dead. 
"I'm sorry, I cannot. Now go away."
"Yeah, yeah."

The living dead laughed heartily all the way back to the planet Zrxxy. He was actually an undercover reporter for the popular Tellica cyberwebsite. During the meeting on Zrxxy, the editorial board of the cyberwebsite had decided to investigate the rumours of corruption at the gates of Heaven. The sting operation was successful in exposing the scam. The hidden cameras and the concealed microphones had done their bit. St.George resigned as the Entrance Minister of Heaven. A one-angel inquiry committee was set up to probe the various aspects of the scandal. The report of the inquiry was shredded and the tiny fragments were tossed out into the cold, dark void of space.