Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Vivekean Version of the Parable of the Prodigal Son

(An Extract from Indians in Pakistan, the Action Thriller on terrorism)

‘It was all my fault,’ I said frankly. ‘I was blind then but now I see the truth. You were right and I was wrong.’
‘Mother would have been happy to see you,’ he told me, sadly. ‘Too bad she’s not around.’
‘Wh - where is she?’ I asked, looking around frantically for her.
‘It’s too late,’ he said. ‘She’s no longer in this world.’
‘Mother, mother,’ I continued, not heeding him. ‘Mother where are you?’
‘She’s dead, dear brother. She’s in heaven now.’
‘No, it cannot be. She cannot die! I need to tell her how much I love her. I need to tell her how sorry I am for walking away. I wanted to introduce her to Najma, my wife. I wanted to - ’

Words failed me at that moment and I sank to my knees. There were plenty of kind words from everyone around but there was nothing that could console me – not even the beautiful hands of Najma wrapped around my neck. I was truly inconsolable.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Romeo and Juliet: An Updated Version for Bandra Buggers

Juliet: (to herself) Which one of my boyfriends could it be knocking at my bedroom window at this unearthly hour? Oh, it’s Romeo!!!

Juliet: (To Romeo) Romeo, you bledy bugger – What are you up to, men? Get down from the tree before you fall and break your b…...”

Romeo: I climbest this tree to express my love for thou – a love that can survive tempests and tsunamis.

Juliet: Romeo, dearest, dost thou havest – a car, a flat, or an ipad?

Romeo: I haveth none of the above.

Juliet: Then how dost thou dare to love? Thou livest in a fool’s paradise. I cannot love thee.

Romeo: I just inherited a cool million from an uncle who passed away. He was quite a rich dude. The cash is in the bank.

Juliet: I truly love thee now, my Romeo.

Romeo: Why dost thou not respond to my SMSes, my darling? Thou knowest how much I love thee especially after thou went under the plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

Juliet: A Daniel, still say I, a second Daniel!

Romeo: I think that’s from the “Merchant of Venice”.

Juliet: Oops! I’m acting in it as well.

Romeo: Anyways, Juliet, I simply adoreth your beautiful blue eye lenses and your brown hair so immaculately dyed.

Juliet: So what shall we do now, my hero? My parents cannot stand the sight of you…I mean thou or whatever.

Romeo: Let’s run away and have a long-term live-in relationship.

Juliet: What about killing ourselves with poison?

Romeo: Okey dokey, my love. Your wish is my command.

Juliet: I was just kidding – I’m not a loser like you. Get lost, creep.

Romeo: OK. I’ll try to patao Bianca from tomorrow onwards. Any idea if she’s still single and ready to mingle.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lesser Known facts about the Islamic State and its terrorist roots

Here are a few points about the Islamic State to be noted:
(1) Islamic State was founded by the followers of Zarqawi after his death in a US bombing in 2006.
(2) Zarqawi,a Jordanian, went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets in the 1980s, founded his own terror outfit 'Jund Al Sham' in Jordan in 1992, visited Pakistan in 1999, set up a training camp funded by Osama Bin laden in Afghanistan that year and finally entered Iraq to fight the US-led forces before his death.
(3) The strength of Islamic State militants is estimated to be about 20000-30000 in Syria but Wikipedia puts it at 1,00,000 with another lac in Iraq.
(4) Foreign militants have infiltrated the Islamic State and have alienated the terrorist outfit from other Syrian rebels and the people of Syria at large.
(5) Iran and the Assad Government in Syria protected Zarqawi from foreign governments just like America protected Osama Bin Laden from the Soviets during the Afghan Civil War. In both these cases, the ungrateful terrorists did not just bite off the hands that fed but reached out to vanquish the hearts of these opportunistic world powers. When will these fools ever learn that your enemy's enemy is not necessarily your friend?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bizarre Trailer of Indians in Pakistan, the Exciting Novel on Terrorism

An Ode to a Lizard

O, pretty little lizard
Sitting on my wall,
Sometimes in my bedroom,
Sometimes in  my hall.

We don't require any pesticides
With you loitering about,
'Cause you kill all the cockroaches,
And make the ants move out.

People always admire cats and dogs
And neglect you the entire day,
But this doesn't bother you at all
As you crawl in search of prey.

Indians in Pakistan – An Exciting and Informative Novel

I smiled at the irony that while we, the trainees, were equipped with rocket launchers, AK47s and other sophisticated weaponry, the head of the mission confronted us with a measly pistol. I was still smiling as my fingers pulled the trigger. The short, bald leader collapsed in a heap. Our jeep sped away.

We left the camp that night, leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. Scores of dismembered bloody bodies lay strewn all over the place. Almost every solid structure had been reduced to rubble. Small fires flared at various places. There were a couple of big fires that lit up the night sky. But what I remember most vividly was the ghastly silence just before we left the site.

The above segment is a short extract from my novel ‘Indians in Pakistan’, an action thriller that will leave you spellbound. It will also immerse you into a totally different world in which different forces are at play as jihadis plot a rebellion against their evil masters.

Firstly, love blossoms between a male and female jihadi during the terror training itself. Then there is a sudden outburst of patriotism among the Indian jihadis at the camp. However, the camp management uses harsh tactics to keep all the jihadis in check. Will the Indians revolt? What will be the outcome? Buy the book to get these answers.

‘Indians in Pakistan’ will also take you down memory lane by delving deep into the history of the subcontinent. It takes a frank look (a bit too frank some may say) on certain controversial decisions and actions of people from both sides of the border during and after the partition. It even revisits Pandit Nehru’s famous speech made at the dawn of India’s independence. 

Indians in Pakistan - Now Available for the Kindle and Book Reading Apps (on PC, Tabs, laptops and smartphones)

My Take on the Facebook Like Button

Devastated that my friend did not "like" my Facebook post (while reading it right in front of me) and now realising that he was in the right; I, as someone who analyses the impact of social networking on modern civilisation (i.e. a social networking reformer - if it's a term) hereby recommend the replacement of the (vague) Like button on Facebook with the following three specific, relevant and user-friendly buttons:

1) Like - Because I Know You
2) Like - Because I actually like your post
3) Like - Because I expect you to like my future posts in return

Kindly share this so that the Facebook community is aware of this recommendation. BTW, I haven't thought about the Share button as yet!
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My Suggestions to the Indian Govt, recommending a new anti-terrorism policy

My Suggestions to the Indian Govt, recommending a new anti-terrorism policy:
1) Hang all terrorists currently on death row within the next three months and send a strong message to all terrorists. The Government would need considerable assistance from the President and the courts to achieve this deadline.
2) Frame a new tough anti-terror law after reaching a consensus between political parties, the judiciary and the civil society. Representatives of each of these sections must process the bill in a drafting committee before it goes to the standing committee of parliament at the preliminary stage.
3) The new law must be stringent and based on past or existing legislations that have worked before. It must also consider existing terror laws in US and other countries which have managed to curb terrorism to some extent in the past decade or so. The legislation must be drafted such that it is not maliciously misused by biased authorities against members of particular communities.
4) Death sentences must be liberally dished out to terrorists once it has been established that they have been involved in acts of terror. Existing laws must be amended to recommend the harshest possible punishment for those indulging in terrorist activities.
5) Strict action must also be taken on those who provide a support system for these terrorists. The authorities must act on those who provide shelter, finance and other kinds of assistance to these sadists.
6) India must halt all talks with Pakistan until we are satisfied that not a single entity in the Pakistani government, armed forces and intelligent services are involved in the promotion or support of India-centric terror.
7) India must expose Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism in our country at various international forums, meetings and conventions especially at the United Nations.
8) The Govt must ban all communal political or social outfits which espouse violence against Indians based on their race, creed, caste or beliefs.
9) Police reforms and training is very essential in the fight against terror. Law enforcement agencies should be provided state-of-the-art weapons and gear to fight terrorists.
10) Citizens as individuals or in groups should assist law enforcement agents in the fight against terror in their individual capacity.
11) High rewards must be dished out to people who provide valuable information on terrorists. The reward scheme must be well publicized and commensurate with the kind of information given.
12) The NIA and RAW must be restructured and better organized to tackle the menace of terror. The new structure should be based on the Homeland Security of the US that has done a great job thus far. Terror-related information must be centralized and actionable inputs should be given as soon as possible to the various stakeholders like the state governments, local police, etc.
13) We should work with other governments and their law enforcement agencies in the fight against terror. Extradition treaties must be sought with almost every nation on this planet.
14) Our intelligence agencies must penetrate global terror networks with the aid of informants.
15) CCTVs and other anti-terror infrastructure should be available at strategic locations in major cities and towns. Each city should also have an NSG (commando) hub so that it can get speedy assistance in case of another 26/11 type of attack.